Swindle Memory Lane

1.  Goldes’ “POWERGENIE” Horn-Powered Tuning-Rod Engine Swindle

In appreciation of its entertainment value, let’s look at another example of Mark Goldes’ wonderful offerings in “revolutionary new technology:”

The amazing “POWERGENIE!”

One of the most laughable of Mark Goldes’ many pseudotypes is his “POWERGENIE” horn-powered generator. The brilliant idea of this revolutionary breakthrough is to blow a horn at a magnetized tuning rod, designed to resonate at the frequency of the horn, and then collect the electromotive energy produced by the vibrations of the rod.

We’re not making this up.

POWERGENIE tuning rod engine explained – from the patent:

[The device incorporates] “an energy transfer and multiplier element being constructed of a ferromagnetic substance… having a natural resonance, due to a physical structure whose dimensions are directly proportional to the wavelength of the resonance frequency…

“In this resonant condition, the rod material functions as a tuned waveguide, or longitudinal resonator, for acoustic energy…

“Ferrite rod 800 is driven to acoustic resonance at the second harmonic of its fundamental resonant frequency by acoustic horn 811…”

– But the patent doesn’t tell us who will volunteer to blow the horn at the rod all day. Perhaps it will come with an elephant.

Mark Goldes claimed in 2008 that this wonderful triumph of human genius would bring his company, Magnetic Power Inc, one billion dollars in annual revenue by 2012. Magnetic Power is now defunct, having never produced any “Magnetic Power Modules” – just as Goldes’ company called “Room Temperature Superconductors Inc” is also now defunct, having never produced any “room temperature superconductors.”

3.1.     The “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Swindle

Like every other “revolutionary development” pretense by Chava Energy, Chava’s claims to be developing a water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” engine were fraudulent first of all because Chava never even attempted to develop any such thing. Their pretended belief and interest  in the possibility of the nonexistent state of hydrogen they called “Fractional Hydrogen” was merely part of a futile effort to copy the appalling success of Randell Mills’ fraudulent use of his “hydrino” flimflam at Blacklight Power.

3.2.     The “MagGen” “Virtual Photon Flux” Generator Swindle

To avoid confusion, we will refer to the first “MagGen” as Gunderson-20060163971, and the second “MagGen” as Gunderson-8093869.

Chava Energy for five years referred to the two Gunderson devices as “MagGen” magnetic generators, falsely and fraudulently claiming that they would provide electric power by “tapping Zero Point Energy,” and that Chava Energy would create “MagGen” prototypes “to provide power for automobiles” “within three years.”

3.3.     The Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter Swindle

Just as with every other “revolutionary energy breakthrough” claimed by Chava Energy since 2009, we have precisely zero evidence that Chava Energy ever even attempted actually to build the Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter described in the 2008 Proposal by Cyril Smith. Smith’s Proposal came to Chava Energy by way of Goldes’ previous company, Magnetic Power Inc – along with every other “revolutionary breakthrough” ever claimed by Chava Energy. As Chava Energy knew very well, it would never have worked as a power source as claimed. It was only useful as a pretense.