The Goldes-Ruff “Ultraconductor” Fraudcraft

The great high points of Mark Goldes’ career in fraudcraft were the obtaining of four Small Business Innovative Research grants from the Unites States Air Force, which cost taxpayers roughly a half million dollars. In the fourteen years since the conclusion of the fourth project, Goldes’ companies have evidently made no further progress in this area, at all – but that has not stopped Goldes from pretending that Magnetic Power Inc, or Chava Energy LLC, or “Aesop Institute” will be making Revolutionary Breakthroughs involving “Ultraconductors” as soon as you give them your money.  In fact, MPI’s own reports on the Ultraconductor grant projects consist of a succession of rosy and wonderful claims and predictions which went entirely unfulfilled by following projects, and remain unfulfilled today.

It is important to understand that the “Ultraconductor” film was only “ultraconductive” to current across the thin dimension of the film – and not along the extensive dimensions. MPI asserted that they would develop a way to make the thin “ultraconductive” film thicker – and never did so. MPI asserted that they would develop a way to make “ultraconductive” wire – and never did so.  MPI asserted that their enrichment method would become the key to making thicker film and wire – but the method never did so.  MPI asserted that their “Ultraconductor” film would surely prove wonderfully useful for making thermoelectric devices – but once again, the rosy claims went unfulfilled. MPI asserted that they would obtain “ultraconductivity” along the plane of the film, instead of merely across the thin dimension, by repositioning the supposedly “ultraconductive” channels. They never did so.

The USAF never “validated” Goldes’ so-called “Ultraconductors” at all, and the USAF never gave Goldes any procurement contract for any “Ultraconductors” at all. The four research grants that Goldes obtained from the USAF were a waste of taxpayer money which never resulted in the development of anything of any value. Goldes’ degree of honesty in the matter of the “Ultraconductor” grants is just the same as his degree of honesty regarding all of his other make-believe “breakthroughs.” It is zero. Zero honesty. Zero “breakthroughs.” Zero fulfilment of his endless empty claims – as usual.

Chava Energy’s “Ultraconductor” fraudcraft was fraudulent first of all because Chava Energy has never done any development work with the so-called “Ultraconductor” film and therefore has never “continued to develop” the film at all, even though they pretended otherwise for five years. Just as Goldes had done at MPI, Chava Energy misrepresented the true prospects of the “Ultraconductor” material, which had never been found or made useful for any purpose, despite the substantial research funding that MPI had received in the nineties.

Mark Goldes was ejected from Chava Energy LLC during the fall of 2014 by Chava Energy’s other co-founder, Hagen Ruff; and all the rosy fraudcraft regarding “Ultraconductors” and “Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage” was suddenly removed from the Chava Energy website. Hagen Ruff had chosen to drop the fraudulent empty pretense of ongoing “Ultraconductor” development that he and Goldes had carried on at Chava Energy for five years – along with several other fraudulent empty pretenses.

But although the partnership ended, the fraud still continues – at Mark Goldes’ so-called “AESOP Institute,” where it is still one of Mark Goldes’ three favorite frauds – along with his pretended “NO FUEL PISTON ENGINE” and his equally worthless “FUEL-FREE TURBINE.”



There is no need to contact Mark Goldes to get the four SBIR grant reports written by Goldes’ company MPI – we have posted all four of them right here: